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The settlement and the tombs of the strata c–a/1 of area F/I – stratum a

by Karin Kopetzky
  In the first part of the Hyksos period (ph. a/2) (pic. 1) a temple was constructed in this area. Traces of the foundation walls of a temple as well as many offering pits in front of it have been discovered [1].
The main part of the settlement of this and the following phases have been ploughed away by intensive farming. Only the burials, once dug in from this layer, have been preserved (pic. 2).
pic. 1   pic. 2
  Shaft burials from a much later period of utilisation have been uncovered in phase a/1 (pic. 3).
Most of the tombs contained one, or in rare cases, two burials, which were laid in a lateral niche at the base of the shaft. Based on burial goods made of iron, a dating into the Late Period is suggested, when objects made of this metal become more common in the Nile Delta [2] (pic. 4).
pic. 3   pic. 4
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